Upcoming Events

Wishful Whiskers at Adirondack Film Festival (NY)

Friday, October 20 @ 3:30pm (COMEDY #2 – LAUGH OUT LOUD, Queensbury Hotel)

Saturday, October 21 @ 8:45pm (COMEDY #2 – LAUGH OUT LOUD, 190 Grill 2)

Wishful Whiskers at the Boston International Kids Film Festival

Saturday November 4 @ 2pm (Shorts for 10 and Under, Take Two)

Wishful Whiskers at Cucalorus Film Festival

Saturday, November 11 @ 1:30pm  (Tweenie Shorts: Youth block, Thalian Ballroom)

Saltwater Baptism at Cucalorus Film Festival

Friday, November 10 @ 10:15pm  (Spectrum Shorts: Queer block, Jengo’s Playhouse)