Our Films

M4M: Seeks Love

Bob Metcalf wants to find a boyfriend, but at 70 years old he’s finding that’s easier said than done. Computer illiterate and over 150 miles from the nearest gay bar, Bob puts his hopes into an online personals ad, seeking love.


Masculinity/Femininity is an experimental documentary that challenges normative notions of gender, sexuality and performance.

Blood on the Window

Blood on the Window is a series of meditations on photographs in which the filmmaker tries to grapple with his current psychological and physical state after a serious car accident that left him without a memory of the trauma.

Acetate Diary

Light, color, and sound are the ingredients of Acetate Diary, a handmade, camera-less film on 16mm that is at once a document of serious bodily trauma and a beautiful series of abstract patterns.

Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

Partly told from the perspective of a cow,  Josephine Decker’s narrative feature focuses on the sensual inner life of a woman, her father and the man they hire to work their farm.


Directed by Russell Sheaffer, this short film follows a disenchanted young man as he goes about his morning routine.

Der Ozean im Fingerhut

Der Ozean im Fingerhut (The Ocean in a Thimble) is an experimental feature directed by Hildegard Elisabeth Keller.

Memory of Objects

There are spaces in this world wherein so many memories have soaked into the walls that it is hard to place these sites within a definite point in time. Memory of Objects illustrates these haphazard intersections of space and time by capturing film projections on dilapidated rural edifices.

Broken Jaw

Broken Jaw is a mediation on physical and psychological trauma with a self portrait locked on repeat.

The Forgetting Game

During the height of political tensions in 1960s Berlin, a little girl was peacefully transferred from East to West Berlin by her family’s effort and love. Afterwards, her transportation was nearly erased from popular historical record, questioning what we choose to forget and what we remember.

Masculinity & Me

A no-budget production, focused on the perverse candour of young sexuality, where release and sterility become tied to larger cultural constructions.