Our Films


A captivating story of migration, desire and sexuality and their intersections in urban Johannesburg.

Les Études

A series of collaborative works pairing artists working in visual and auditory mediums, the Études meditate on individual musical concepts through experiments with sound and film.

Wishful Whiskers

Stuck in her dad’s boring lunch meeting, little Ella suddenly discovers the curious case of all the mustaches.

Slaying Dragons (in production)

As a gay, Christian, Latino, American, surfing, bullfighting, flamenco dancing young man, the protagonist of Slaying Dragons often struggles to balance the many facets of his complex identity.

On Surgery

        Created by Russell Sheaffer and Aaron Michael Smith, On Surgery attempts to replicate the physical process of bone surgery on the body of 16mm film stock.

M4M: Seeks Love

Bob Metcalf wants to find a boyfriend, but at 70 years old he’s finding that’s easier said than done. Computer illiterate and over 150 miles from the nearest gay bar, Bob puts his hopes into an online personals ad, seeking love.


Masculinity/Femininity is an experimental documentary that challenges normative notions of gender, sexuality and performance.

Blood on the Window

Blood on the Window is a series of meditations on photographs in which the filmmaker tries to grapple with his current psychological and physical state after a serious car accident that left him without a memory of the trauma.

Acetate Diary

Light, color, and sound are the ingredients of Acetate Diary, a handmade, camera-less film on 16mm that is at once a document of serious bodily trauma and a beautiful series of abstract patterns.