Our Films

I Taste Blood

“I Taste Blood” is a collaborative experimental work by poet Lauren Sotolongo, choreographer Samanatha Sobash, filmmaker Russell Sheaffer, and composer Aaron Michael Smith.

Restless Legs (Keuning)

From the album Prismism, available January 25 2019. Read about Restless Legs in Rolling Stone and Consequence of Sound.  CoS writes that “the song’s clever video… channels MTV’s heyday with its herky-jerky animation.” Director: Russell Sheaffer Animators: Hannah McSwiggen and Russell Sheaffer Production: Artless Media Featuring: Shannon Viele Doll fabrication: Heather Sheaffer, Ari Olmos, Tyler Betschart, […]

My Name is Marc, And You Can Count On It

Everyone has that local commercial. You know the one. Late at night. Weird. Hilarious. Legendary.

Saltwater Baptism

What do you do when your relationship conflicts with your religion?

Jules of Light and Dark

A lesbian break up drama set against a vibrant Texas rave culture.


A captivating story of migration, desire and sexuality and their intersections in urban Johannesburg.

Les Études

A series of collaborative works pairing artists working in visual and auditory mediums, the Études meditate on individual musical concepts through experiments with sound and film.

Wishful Whiskers

                  Stuck in her dad’s boring lunch meeting, little Ella suddenly discovers the curious case of all the mustaches.