Amazing reviews for Jules of Light and Dark ahead of Texas premiere

The first reviews of Jules of Light and Dark are in, and we couldn’t be happier! The film made its Texas bow this week at the Austin Film Festival, and the response from the reviewers has been overwhelming. 

Marc Savlov, reviewer for the Austin Chronicle, writes of the film:

Jules of Light and Dark is so much more than the sum of its parts. Less a narrative film than a consequential sequence of small-seeming but utterly important life events, this is a vital, vibrant, and beautifully honest film.

Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle, October 28, 2018

Similarly, Stephen Saito writing for Movable Feast had wonderful things to say about the film, saying:

“Jules of Light and Dark” is the rare film where you not only witness a meaningful change for the characters, but suspect they’ll continue to evolve long after the cameras stop rolling, if for no other reason than you feel as if you’ve experienced a change yourself from seeing it.

Stephen Saito, Movable Feast, October 31, 2018

Read the full reviews at The Austin Chronicle and Movable Feast . And catch the next screening of Jules of Light and Dark at Cucalorus Film Festival November 9th and 11th


Dave Keuning’s Restless Legs music video in Consequence of Sound

In a delightful interview with Consequence of Sound, Dave Keuning talks about sitting out the Killers’ tour, his new solo album Prismism, and the new single and music video ‘Restless Legs’

Accompanying the announcement is Prismism’s lead single, “Restless Legs”, which foregrounds Keuning’s keyboard fixation against a vibrant, kaleidoscopic melody that recalls The Killers at their most playful. Russell Sheaffer directed the song’s clever video, which channels MTV’s heyday with its herky-jerky animation.

Randall Colburn, Consequence of Sound October 12, 2018

Check out the complete interview, and the video, here


Restless Legs (Dave Keuning) music video in Rolling Stone

Dave Keuning, guitarist of the Killers, talks scaling back his commitment to his main band, the creation of his new solo LP, and the animated music video for ‘Restless Legs’ in his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

Today, Rolling Stone is premiering the first single from Prismism, the jaunty “Restless Legs.” Keuning calls it one of his favorite tracks on the record, though he also cautions, “I don’t know if any one song really represents the album.” As for its origins, he explains, “ ‘Restless Legs’ was kind of an experiment in making a quick pop tune. I was in my home studio messing around with keyboard sounds, and that triggered certain riffs that were just bouncy and fun to play.” For the animated video, he called on the services of director Russell Sheaffer. “He spent about a month of his life cutting out paper dolls,” Keuning says with a laugh. “I paid him, thankfully, because it took a lot of time — there’s thousands of those things.”

Richard Bienstock,  Rolling Stone Magazine October 12, 2018 

Check out the complete interview here


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