Restless Legs (Dave Keuning) music video in Rolling Stone

Dave Keuning, guitarist of the Killers, talks scaling back his commitment to his main band, the creation of his new solo LP, and the animated music video for ‘Restless Legs’ in his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

Today, Rolling Stone is premiering the first single from Prismism, the jaunty “Restless Legs.” Keuning calls it one of his favorite tracks on the record, though he also cautions, “I don’t know if any one song really represents the album.” As for its origins, he explains, “ ‘Restless Legs’ was kind of an experiment in making a quick pop tune. I was in my home studio messing around with keyboard sounds, and that triggered certain riffs that were just bouncy and fun to play.” For the animated video, he called on the services of director Russell Sheaffer. “He spent about a month of his life cutting out paper dolls,” Keuning says with a laugh. “I paid him, thankfully, because it took a lot of time — there’s thousands of those things.”

Richard Bienstock,  Rolling Stone Magazine October 12, 2018 

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