Jules of Light and Dark (post-production)

A lesbian break up drama set against a vibrant Texas rave culture.

Written, Directed and Produced by Daniel Laabs

Starring: Tallie Medel, Robert Longstreet, Miles Howard, Betsy Holt, Mollie Milligan, Hannah Weir

Producers: Adrian Testolin Cameron Bruce Nelson, Jeff Walker, Judd Myers, Russell Sheaffer, Liz Franke
Cinematography by Noe Medrano Jr,
Production Design by Jonathan Rudak
Accolades and Workshops: 2017 IFP Narrative Labs, 2016 IFP No Borders, 2011 & 2015 Austin Film Society Grant Recipient and 2013 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Artist Intensive

Inquiries: jeffwalkerfilm@gmail.com