Wishful Whiskers

Stuck in her dad’s boring lunch meeting, little Ella suddenly discovers the curious case of all the mustaches.

For little Ella, tagging along with her dad to his business lunch is no fun. That is, until she notices something. Her dad’s business partner has a fluffy white mustache, which wiggles when he eats. It’s fascinating. Suddenly everyone else has one too! Why doesn’t she have one? Her mission is clear: she must get her own mustache, and it must be better than what everyone else has.
Wishful Whiskers is an original short film written and directed by Pulkit Datta and produced by Russell Sheaffer. Both playful and surreal, this short film grapples with gender and growing up in a way that will speak to kids young and old.

We’ve already raised over $14,000! We need to raise another $1,500 to cover music composition and post production, as well as submission fees to festivals. You can also be listed as a producer on our film, depending on the level of contribution. So far, we have:
(3) Executive Producers
(2) Co-Producers
(20) Associate Producers
and several more people who have been very generous.
For contributors in the U.S., use the orange button below to make a tax-deductible donation to our film via our fiscal sponsor IFP. For contributors outside the U.S., use the Paypal button to make a donation in any currency.
Donations of any size are incredibly helpful in getting the film finished. Thank you!


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