Digital Manipulation Films: New Orleans Film Festival 2015

        As film and video become ever more polarized, the 16mm Etching and Digital Manipulation Workshop — which debuted at the New Orleans Film Festival in October thanks to the efforts of Cinema Reset — aims to help filmmakers to see a bridge that crosses between mediums, encouraging a workflow that combines film and video to create innovative, abstract works.

        In Part Two of the workshop, participants used the material created during part one to explore the digital manipulation of handmade films, including the manipulation of both the image and audio tracks. Different editing stations were set up for participants to use, allowing them to examine, enlarge, alter, and create in a way that is impossible in an exclusively film-based workflow.

        We were totally blown away by — and learned a ton from — the digital manipulation films everyone made last week in New Orleans. The films created in Part One and Part Two (above) are now available here on the Artless Media website and through our Vimeo Page.

        Be sure to check out the videos for both sections of the workshop, and be on the look out for Artless bringing our workshop to a town near you!