Blood on the Window

Blood on the Window is a series of meditations on photographs in which the filmmaker tries to grapple with his current psychological and physical state after a serious car accident that left him without a memory of the trauma.

 Blood on the Window is the second installation in the Acetate Diary Trilogy, a set of experimental short films short entirely on 16mm film stock. An exploration of the mental and physical repercussions of a traumatic accident, the Acetate Diary Trilogy (including Blood on the Window, Broken Jaw, and the eponymous Acetate Diary) delve into the fragility of both body and memory.


Blood on the Window is now available from Vimeo

Directed by Russell Sheaffer

Voices by Russell Sheaffer, David Maxson, Saul Kutnicki, Joshua Coonrod, and Nzingha Kendall

Runtime: 9min

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