NY Arts Magazine Interview for Acetate Diary

In an interview with NY Arts Magazine, Artless Media’s Russell Sheaffer talks about his upcoming film Acetate Diary (showing at the Tribeca Film Festival this week), the importance of working with film, and using art to take abstract emotions and make them concrete.

“When I was a kid, my mother used to give me newspaper when I was frustrated and told me to rip it up—to let out whatever aggression and emotion was inside—and that’s what I wanted to do with Acetate Diary. I wanted to give myself total freedom to simultaneously create and destroy, to beat the hell out of that roll of film, to create something completely instinctual. By using the roll of film as a literal diary—with words, drawings, scratches, and thumbprints—I wanted to capture the urgency of the completely conflicting emotions that I was feeling at a very specific moment.”

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